Was born and raised up in Taiwan, spent the past 12 years moving in between seven countries, currently based in Berlin.

I'm fascinated with all potential relationships between people, space and object. Where we belong to, what we committed to, as well the common things that we share. The training in theatre, from backstage to acting, has a great influence in my vision: to frame the drama in daily scenes, to stage without faking.



"綠是記憶的綠 The Memories of Green", The Escape Artist, TAIPEI, 2013
"小場景 Little Scenes", 1839 Little Gallery, TAIPEI, 2013


"Underdesk Girls"
at Athens Photo Festival, The Photobook Exhibition
Benaki Museum, Athens, 2017
As part of Documenta 14 programme

"Underdesk Girls"
at MOPLA Photo Book Exhibition
Month of Photography Los Angeles, L.A., 2017

"第8回 1_WALL展 The 8th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY"


The 8th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY Final list 第8回寫真「1_WALL」展 ファイナリスト, IPA (international Photography Awards), PX3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris), Black & White Spider Awards, Photography Masters Cup etc.
in Fine Art, Portraiture, Editorial, Advertising, Still Life, Architecture, Nature, Book Proposal and special categories

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