from This Moment is Real, a story about self-identity at the year 2020
taken during Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Shantel Liao has lived in North America, Europe and Asia since her teenage years. She studied theatre in London, photography in Paris, documentary in New York and tattooing in Bangkok. In addition to still photos and moving images, she also practices traditional brush calligraphy on different media, notably on the skin. 

In Berlin, Shantel started exploring the relationship between individuals and their environment, through their sexuality and the shifting cultural identities of the modern world. She brings a sense of reality to staged scenes, exploring the boundary between documentary and fine art.

Shantel is currently based in London.

selected awards & experience

Cairo International Film Festival (In competition) - Egypt, 2021
Triennial Chikugo: Special Prize - Japan, 2020

Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII - USA, 2020

1_WALL Photography: finalist - Japan, 2013 & 2019

New York Times Portfolio Review - USA, 2016 & 2018
Benaki Museum Library: Permanent collection - Greece, since 2017
Format Photography Festival: EU Bursary Award - UK, 2016

PX3 (Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris): Bronze in Book Proposal / Fine Art - France, 2011

IPA (International Photography Awards): 3rd place in Special category - USA, 2010

selected exhibitions

Venue “Our Trial and Error” & “One Middle Ground” - Taipei, Taiwan, 2020
Tagsta “Purity” - Fukuoka, Japan, 2020
Clear Gallery “New Wave from Taiwan” - Tokyo, Japan, 2020
Karada House “Mayfly and other words” - Berlin, Germany, 2019
alamak! project “Calligraphy on the move: Taiwan New Wave” - Paris, France, 2019
Guardian Garden “The 20th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY” - Tokyo, Japan, 2019

Benaki Museum “The Photo Book Room” - Athens, Greece, 2017
Venice Arts “Reading Room + MOPLA Photo Book” - Los Angeles, USA, 2016
1839 Gallery “Little Scenes” - Taipei, Taiwan, 2013
Escape Artist “The Memories of Green” - Taipei, Taiwan, 2013
Guardian Garden “The 8th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY” - Tokyo, Japan, 2013
Eslite Forum “Tales of a Miniature World” - Taipei, Taiwan, 2010

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