Was born in Taipei, Taiwan. The long journey between North America, Europe and Asia has been continuing since the age eighteen. Currently based in Berlin.

Started with photography and later mixed-media calligraphy. I’m fascinated by the power of identity nowadays, how it shaped us in various ways, physically and mentally. From gender to culture, how we connected with our own history and the greater environment.

selected exhibitions

2019 - Guardian Garden “The 20th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY” - Tokyo, Japan
2017 - Benaki Museum “The Photo Book Room” - Athen, Greece
2016 - Venice Arts “Reading Room + MOPLA Photo Book” - Los Angeles, USA
2013 - 1839 Gallery “Little Scenes” - Taipei, Taiwan
2013 - Escape Artist “The Memories of Green” - Taipei, Taiwan
2013 - Guardian Garden “The 8th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY” - Tokyo, Japan
2010 - Eslite Forum “Tales of a Miniature World” - Taipei, Taiwan

selected awards

2019 - The 20th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY
2016 - EU Bursary Award of Format Photography Festival
2013 - The 8th 1_WALL PHOTOGRAPHY
2013 - Prix de la Photographie
2012 - International Photography Awards
2010 - BENQ award

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